10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Lahore |Pakistan|

places to visit in lahore

Lahore is the capital and largest city of the Punjab Pakistan. Finding the Best places to Visit in Lahore, Start a journey to uncover Lahore’s most famous picnic spots, promising a unique and delightful experience.

Lahore Places To Visit

lahore safari park places to visit in lahore

Lahore Zoo Safari (Best Places to Visit In Lahore)

The Lahore Wildlife Park is a popular spot on Safari Road. It’s huge, covering 242 acres, and lots of
people visit. You can see Pakistan’s native animals like blue bulls, lions, jaguars, and Bengal tigers
there, living freely.

The park is great for bird lovers! You can see lots of different birds like swans, peafowls, ostriches, pheasants, and the last members of a special kind of bird. Kids love the park because they can go on safari rides, walk through a big bird cage, and fish or boat on the lake. There’s also a first aid station and a vet clinic to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Shalimar Gardens (Best Places To Visit in Lahore)

shalimar garden places to visit in lahore

Shalimar Gardens in Lahore Pakistan is one of its six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Built in the 17th century by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, they were inspired by his father’s gardens in Azad Kashmir. Today, they’re a popular tourist spot in Punjab.

Today, Shalimar Gardens are a cherished part of the old Lahore area. People love to visit them on weekends for their beautiful lawns and fountains. The gardens are big, with three levels. The top one, called Bagh-e-Farah Baksh, has 105 fountains. The other two, known as Bagh-e- Faiz Baksh, have 152 and 153 fountains.

Jallo Park (Best Places to Visit in Lahore)

jallo park places to visit in lahore

Jallo Park, founded in 1978, is a popular spot in Lahore, especially for families with energetic kids
who love outdoor fun. It’s huge, about 460 acres, making it one of the city’s biggest wildlife parks,
like Changa Manga forest and Lahore Zoo Safari. Photographers like it too because it’s beautiful.
There are lots of things to do there for all kinds of people.

The main things to see are a beautiful garden with a big fish tank, a peaceful lake for boating and fishing, a sports area with tennis and basketball courts, a fun theme park for all ages, a public pool for swimming, and a special track for cycling. Also, don’t miss the Wildlife Breeding Center, Forest Research Center, Zen Garden, Japanese Rock Garden, and Butterfly House full of colorful butterflies.

Sozo Water Park (Things To Do In Lahore)

sozo park places to visit in lahore

Sozo Waterpark in Lahore is a great place for families, especially during hot summers. It’s on Canal
Bank Road, so it’s easy to get to and has lots of fun stuff to do. What makes it different is that it has
a special area just for women and kids, which is unique among waterparks in Pakistan.

The park has many exciting rides like a lazy river, fast slides, and a wave pool. Experts from UET check all the rides to make sure they’re safe. The park also keeps the water clean using special machines to filter and treat it.

Jinnah Garden (also known as Bagh-e-Jinnah)

bagh jinnah places to visit in lahore

Bagh-e-Jinnah, also called Jinnah Garden, is a popular park in Lahore on Mall Road. It used to be
called John Lawrence Park in the late 1800s, named after the former Viceroy of India. But after
Pakistan was formed, it was renamed to honor Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad, Ali Jinnah.

In this place, you’ll find two amazing libraries: the Quaid-e-Azam Library, designed in Victorian style,
and the Dar-ul-Islam Library inside a mosque. Bagh-e- Jinnah has lots to offer, like a big garden with around 150 types of trees and 140 kinds of shrubs. also an old cricket ground, nice walking paths, tennis courts, places for picnics, bike trails, a playground for kids, an outdoor theatre, and a restaurant for snacks.

Rana Safari and Luxury Resort(Places to Visit in Lahore)

resort places to visit in lahore

Harmony Park, also known as Harmony Haven, started in 2010. It covers about 150 acres of forests
and 20 acres of meadows. What makes Harmony Haven special in Lahore is that it offers modern facilities and services while letting visitors see deer, peacocks, and rabbits up close Things to do in Lahore.

Harmony Haven Picnic Park has swimming pools, picnic spots, barbecue areas, a mini-zoo, and activities like paddle boating and pony riding. You can also stay overnight if you want to extend your visit, which makes it perfect for a weekend getaway in Lahore’s peaceful surroundings.

Safari Park (Places To Visit in Lahore)

safari zoo places to visit in lahore

Lahore Safari Park on Safari Road is perfect for wildlife fans and thrill-seekers. You can see lots of
animals like zebras, ostriches, antelopes, and monkeys there. It’s a big park where animals live in a
habitat that’s like their natural home. You’ll find all sorts of animals at the park, like zebras and ostriches. It’s like going on a fun safari where you can see these amazing creatures in their homes.

As you walk around, you’ll see antelopes running gracefully and monkeys playing in the trees. Get ready for an amazing adventure at Lahore Safari Park! Whether you want excitement or calm, there’s something for everyone here. Bring your camera and curiosity, and let’s explore the wild together.

Minar-e-Pakistan(Things To Do In Lahore)

minar e pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore’s Iqbal Park stands tall as a symbol of Pakistan’s fight for freedom. Best
Places to Visit in Lahore. It’s where they decided to make Pakistan in 1940. You can go up the tower
for great views of Lahore.

The park around it is nice for chilling and taking pics. Every year, lots of people come to Minar-e-Pakistan to remember the past and admire how strong Pakistanis are. Some take pictures of the monument’s beauty, while others just enjoy its history. Visiting Minar-e-Pakistan is something people never forget.

Model Town Park( Places To Visit in Lahore)

model town park places to visit in lahore

Model Town Park in Lahore, located at the centre, is loved by locals. It has lots of greenery, a calm
lake, and fun things to do. People enjoy picnics, family time, and relaxing there. The park has big green lawns that make it look beautiful.

It’s a great place for people and families to relax away from the busy city. The best part of Model Town Park is its calm lake, making the park even nicer and giving people a quiet place to think and chill out. Model Town Park is filled with beautiful plants and animals.

Tall trees offer shade and homes for many kinds of birds, making them perfect for birdwatching and taking photos. You can hear robins singing and see kingfishers flying gracefully. The park also has fun events all year round, like music concerts and flower shows, which everyone can enjoy.

Shalimar Gardens (Places to Visit in Lahore)

shalimar garden places to visit in lahore

The Shalimar Gardens in Lahore are a must-see attraction known for their beauty. Built during the Mughal period, they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gardens have lovely lawns, pretty fountains, and terraces. People, especially families and history fans enjoy visiting for their peaceful atmosphere and picturesque views.

The biggest part of the gardens, called Hayat Baksh, means “Giver of Life.” It’s open to everyone and has lots of paths, shady spots, and colorful plants. You can explore and enjoy it all. In the gardens, you’ll see how smart the Mughals were with their water systems and how everything is arranged so nicely.

The layout makes you feel like you’re in paradise. Even today, the Shalimar Gardens keep attracting people with their beauty, reminding everyone of Lahore’s history and how amazing the Mughals were.

Joyland Park Lahore (Places to Visit in Lahore)

joyland places to visit in lahore

Joyland Park in Lahore, found at Fortress Stadium, is the perfect place for an exciting day out. It’s
packed with awesome rides and fun stuff for everyone. Come enjoy roller coasters, bumper cars,
and more for a day full of laughter and thrills.

Joyland Park is not just about thrilling rides. It’s like a fun carnival with lots of colorful stalls selling tasty snacks like samosas and chaat, and sweet treats like cotton candy and ice cream. You can also find cool souvenirs and trinkets here.

The park is famous for keeping things safe and clean, so you can have a great time without any worries. The staff are super friendly and ready to help with anything you need, making sure you have a fantastic time from the moment you arrive until you leave.


Lahore, nestled in the heart of Pakistan, offers a splendid array of cultural and natural wonders,
beckoning both locals and tourists alike to explore its enchanting picnic spots. From the exotic
wildlife encounters at Lahore Zoo.

Safari to the timeless allure of Shalimar Gardens, each location unfurls a distinctive blend of natural splendor and historical charm. Whether you crave excitement amidst the verdant landscapes of Jallo Park or seek wholesome family entertainment at Sozo Water Park, Lahore’s picnic destinations promise an idyllic respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Embark on a journey through these diverse locales, where serenity intertwines with rich historical narratives, crafting cherished memories and moments of relaxation and joy.