Naran Kaghan Most Beautiful Places Everyone Love To Visit

Naran Kaghan is a valley of natural wonders located in the Hazara region of Pakistan. It is heaven for nature lovers with stunning landscapes and mountains. It has amazing views and peaceful lakes.

Naran And Kaghan Valley

naran kaghan valley

Naran & Kaghan Valley is located in Northern Areas of Pakistan and is about 240 KM away from Islamabad in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It’s a super popular spot for summer holidays, with loads of tourists coming every year to check out its beauty and enjoy their break. The main attractions are Shogran, Siri Paye, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Babusar Top, and Lulusar Lake.

For staying overnight, Shogran and Naran are the best places, with lots of hotels to choose from. The nightlife is buzzing, and you can do fun stuff like horse riding and jeep rides to Siri Paye and Saif-ul-Malook. Plus, there are tour packages available for Naran Kaghan trips.

Shogran Valley

shogran valley

Shogran Valley, a hill station 30 kilometres away from Balakot, is known for its beautiful greenery, pine forests, and stunning views. In the summer, the temperature in Shogran stays around 18 degrees Celsius. Pine Park Shogran provides excellent lodging options in the area.

When you visit Shogran, you’ll feel like you’ve left all the city noise behind. It’s a great place for people who love nature, enjoy adventures, or just want some peace and quiet. You can take relaxing walks through green fields or go on exciting jeep rides through rough landscapes. There’s something for everyone in Shogran.

Siri Paye in naran kaghan valley


Siri Paye is like a green carpet nestled under cloudy skies, surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains. When you visit Shogran, make sure to check out Siri Paye Meadows and Siri Lake. The road from Shogran to Siri Paye may not be great, but the sights there are definitely worth it. This village is perfect for a weekend or a longer trip to escape your busy life. It’s full of fun activities and friendly locals, especially in the summer when the weather is nice and cool.


kaghan valley

When visiting Kaghan Valley, you might not find many things to do in Kaghan itself. There’s a small
market along Nara Road, but there aren’t many exciting places to visit. Lalazaar is a popular spot, but it’s not suitable for families. In Kaghan Valley, there are many old villages with a lot of culture. People can try tasty local food, talk to the villagers, and learn about their traditions.


naran valley

As you approach the small town, about 120 kilometres from Mansehra City, you’ll be greeted by a
massive glacier. The town sits in a valley along the Kunhar River and near Lake Saif ul Malook. It’s
Pakistan’s oldest tourist spot, drawing nearly 100,000 visitors annually from mid-June to mid-
November. In Naran, you’ll find popular hotels like PTDC Naran, Rose Valley Naran, De Manche Naran, Faran Hotel, Pine Park Naran, and Naran City Hotel.

Naran is a wonderful place to escape from the busy city life. You can camp, fish for trout, or just enjoy the peacefulness of nature. It’s beautiful and has lots of adventures to offer, making it a favourite spot for people who want to relax in the Himalayas.


saif ul malook

The Alpine glacier lake is roughly 7 km away from Naran Bazaar and sits at an altitude of
10,000 feet above sea level. There is a well-known tale about the Prince of Persia connected to Saif ul Malook Lake, and the local guide often shares enchanting stories about it. To truly experience the beauty of Naran Kaghan valleys, you can’t miss seeing Saif-ul-Malook Lake. It’s a must-visit spot in Pakistan’s northern areas, attracting lots of tourists.

Babusar Top

babusar pass

A mountain pass near Naran, which is about 70 kilometres away, connects Thak Nala with Chilas. It’s a popular stop for tourists exploring the Naran Kaghan Valley. In the summer, you can drive to Babusar Top through beautiful mountain roads and green scenery.Places to visit in Naran Kaghan. But in winter, lots of snow covers the area, making the pass impossible to cross and making it even more mysterious.

Lulusar Lake

lulusar lake

Lulusar lake in Pakistan is loacated near the Naran Valley. The name “Lulusar” comes from the mountains around the lake. It’s situated at coordinates N35.0804 E73.9266, about 11,200 feet (3,410 meters) above sea level. Lulusar Lake is where the Kunhar River starts, flowing through Kaghan Valley until it meets the Jhelum River. It’s 48 kilometres from Naran on the Naran-Babusar road. In 1857, 55 people involved in the War of Independence were captured here.

Mount Feast(Best Hotel in Naran Kaghan)

hotel mount feast

Mount Feast Hotel is a top 3-star hotel in Kaghan Naran, found on the main Mansehra road. It’s close to popular tourist spots but away from the noisy city centre. It’s a comfy and stylish place to stay, nestled in a green valley, with all the modern comforts you need for a relaxing getaway.


When picking a hotel in Kaghan Naran, think about room size and number. Make sure there’s enough room for your stuff. If you’re with kids, check if they have family suites or connecting rooms. Some prefer cozy spaces with fewer options, while others go for big suites. Naran Kaghan has something for everyone, whether you love adventure, nature, or just want to relax in a peaceful place.

Things To Do In Naran Kaghan

The Naran Kaghan Valley is nestled in the lush green Himalayan mountains, surrounded by dense
forests, making it a popular destination for travelers. Naran, a well-known town in Pakistan, attracts thousands of visitors each year, including photographers, tourists, and nature lovers, due to its stunning scenery.

Whether you’re with friends, family, or a special someone, you can create unforgettable memories here. We offer affordable tour packages for Naran Kaghan so you can enjoy the journey without breaking the bank. In summer, it’s pleasantly warm, perfect for escaping the heat. The valley is green and full of flowers. Spring brings new life with melting snow and mild temperatures. It’s great for exploring and trekking.

Autumn paints the valley in gold and red. The weather is cool and ideal for hikes and enjoying nature. Winter turns the valley into a snowy paradise. It’s cold, but you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding matter when you visit, Naran Kaghan Valley offers beautiful scenery and unforgettable

Where to stay In Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan Valley has lots of places to stay that fit different budgets and tastes. If you’re looking to save money, there are guest houses and hostels with basic amenities at good prices. But if you want to splurge, there are fancy hotels and resorts with spa, pool and great food options.

Activities In Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan Valley is great for adventure lovers and nature fans. It has lots of cool spots to visit
with awesome views and fun experiences. In Naran Kaghan, you can go trekking, hiking, fishing for trout, take jeep rides, camp out, snap photos, and visit Saif-ul-Malook Lake. Plus, you’ll see amazing sights like green valleys, waterfalls, and snowy mountains. Naran Kaghan has many trekking paths for both beginners and experienced trekkers. You can take easy walks by the Kunhar River or go on tough hikes up Makra and Malika Parbat mountains. No matter your skill level, there’s a trail for everyone who loves nature.